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Andreas N. Masouras Lawyers is a modern and dynamic team of specialized lawyers and legal advisors who are framed by qualified, in multiple fields, specialists such as criminologists, forensic scientists, medical experts, insurance consultants, economists, experts in cyber and financial crime, and other specialties. Each case will be reinforced with additional specialties, where it is judged that these experts will contribute positively to its outcome.


The fact that we are characterized as a modern Law Firm is no coincidence. After all, that was and it is one of our main objectives. Something not easy at all. The daily engagement of our Team with the court proceedings, the impeccable representation of our clients and the safeguarding of their interests.


Criminal Law

Criminal Law is one of the main specializations of our firm. Our office provides specialized services by an experienced team of penologists and criminologists both in criminal morphology level and criminal procedural process level.

Medical Law

Andreas N. Masouras Lawyers are one of the most well-known firms specializing in the field of medical law, medical malpractice and medical liability. Our office is a member of the World Association for Medical Law, one of the largest scientific networks internationally for medical law.

Civil Law

Civil law is characterized by the breadth of its scope. The private law relationships that it regulates are numerous and various. Our office provides these specialized services through its experienced lawyers and legal advisers.

Banking Law

Our office has extensive experience in matters and cases of banking law. The confidentiality, the proper procedures, and especially, the constant information we provide our clients about the progress of cases and negotiations with the banking institutions are some of the characteristics of the management which is done by our team.

Property Law

One of the issues we face daily is disputes between opponents over property issues as well as property transactions. This field covers various stages such as, for example, the stage of the property purchase, where our office provides full consulting assistance throughout the duration.

Commercial Law

Trade relations are a particular field of law. The branches of commercial law are numerous and all of them are created by the transactional relations that take place in the market either Business to Business or Business to Consumer.

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