Criminal Law is one of the main specializations of our firm. Our office provides specialized services by an experienced team of penologists and criminologists both in criminal morphology level and criminal procedural process level. With experience in serious cases such as drugs and child pornography and in relation to the staffing of the Forensic Laboratory and the Cybercrime Laboratory, our firm undertakes with professionalism criminal cases while the protection and the defense of the client is our major concern. Furthermore, our office undertakes the representation of natural and legal persons for crimes committed against them as civil action.

Our office undertakes cases that are referred to the Assize Court.

Law privacy both in criminal cases as well as in other areas of Law is one of the basic Principles of our office.

Andreas N. Masouras Lawyers are one of the most well-known firms specializing in the field of medical law, medical malpractice and medical liability. Our office is a member of the World Association for Medical Law, one of the largest scientific networks internationally for medical law. We also organize meetings and conferences on the specific subject continuously. Medical law is a complex law and it includes medical malpractice and medical liability.

You can contact our team in order to ensure free participation in the scientific material on the specific subject and receive consulting support for your case.

You can be informed about the meetings and seminars we organize at regular intervals on matters concerning the medical law from our website as well as from the social networks of our office.

Civil law is characterized by the breadth of its scope. The private law relationships that it regulates are numerous and various. Our office provides these specialized services through its experienced lawyers and legal advisers so that the lawsuit is properly drafted and supported throughout the process.

Our office has extensive experience in matters and cases of banking law. The confidentiality, the proper procedures, and especially, the constant information we provide our clients about the progress of cases and negotiations with the banking institutions are some of the characteristics of the management which is done by our team.

One of the issues we face daily is disputes between opponents over property issues as well as property transactions.

This field covers various stages such as, for example, the stage of the property purchase, where our office provides full consulting assistance throughout the duration.

Moreover, our specialized staff is in constant contact with the Department of Lands and other official bodies for our customers’ fast service as well as the reliable delivery of documents such as, for example, the property survey of encumbrances and the property title research.

In case of concluding a loan our team that is specialized in banking law team undertakes the consultation with the bank for the preparation of all the necessary documents, always in cooperation with the client.

Trade relations are a particular field of law. The branches of commercial law are numerous and all of them are created by the transactional relations that take place in the market either Business to Business or Business to Consumer. Technological developments created even more fields such as e-commerce models namely e-shops, e-malls, etc. Our specialized lawyers provide complete solutions to trade relations problems either in the traditional field or in the rapidly evolving digital.

An important area of commercial law is trade secret. According to the European Union, if you possess valuable information regarding technological or other aspects of your business, you can protect it as a trade secret if the following conditions are met:

  • the information is not known to the general public or to experts in the relevant sector
  • the information has commercial value
  • you have taken measures to maintain the confidentiality of information: for example, you have safely stored them and signed privacy agreements with the people who have access to or exchanged this information signed confidentiality agreements with the people who have access to this information or with whom you have exchanged the information

One of the key elements of family law is primarily mediation. The proper communication, the confidentiality as well as the compliance with the legal privacy are key components. Our firm specializes in divorce issues. In the case of domestic violence within the marriage or during free cohabitation, our experienced colleagues undertake your legal protection through the procedure of precautionary measures.

The care of the minor child is the duty and right of the parents (parental responsibility) and they exercise it jointly. Parental responsibility includes the custody of the person, the management of the property and the representation of the child in any case or legal transaction or trial concerning the person or his/her property.

Inheritance law includes all the rules that regulate the property relations of a person after his/her death, such as inheritance, will, legal fate, unworthiness of inheritance, Certificate of Inheritance, bequest, etc.

Our firm undertakes the representation of your interests and ensures the observance of the right procedures with speed and reliability.

Andreas N. Masouras Lawyers have many years of experience in setting up and supporting companies and legal entities in general, providing a structure of services that cover the entire corporate and business range. Our firm is now considered one of the most reliable allies in business.

Furthermore, our cooperation with business entities abroad strengthens our network and builds reliable partners for the benefit of our customers.

Our services cover a wide range of corporate law such as trademark, patent and brand name  registration.

In our portfolio we have the management of shipping companies, mainly in the tourism sector. The team of this field is adequately trained and in constant communication with partners and experts abroad in order to resolve maritime and/or shipping issues.

An important area of shipping is the Cargo and Ship (Hull & Machinery) insurance as well as classical Civil Liability over Workers, Third Parties or the Environment.

At Andreas N. Masouras Lawyers we know very well that any business that wants to survive in the modern competitive – and technologically rapidly evolving environment, must necessarily be safeguarded against various risks with proper implementation of the institution and the procedures of the Insurance which, for many years, has been established as an essential component of modern business and is evolving to meet new risks.

According to the Law, the principles of good administration require the administrative bodies to act in accordance with the sense of justice in the exercise of their discretion, to avoid inclement and unfair solutions in the application of the relevant legal provisions in each specific case. Our firm undertakes the appeal of cases to the Administrative Court.


    Other Services

    In addition to litigation exercised within the Courts, our firm provides legal advice services at various levels. Implementing the right policy in your decisions so as to ensure the legality of the actions is important for you and your business. This means that the risk to face Justice issues will be significantly reduced.

    Legal prevention is a wise choice – especially at the corporate and business levels.

    Decisions such as concluding contracts, agreements, labor issues and compensation, the use of brand names and trademarks are just some of the daily issues that concern our team of legal advisors..

    Most of the time, what is required is not just the establishment of a company but its proper support through a modern, professional and sustainable design. This is the reason we have created a separate sector for the support and reinforce of the business process.

    Specifically, the team of The Business Suite can support such a process as it specializes in business-operational  plan by examining macro-issues of the company and also focuses on the planning and implementation of projects such as marketing and digital marketing and e-commerce.

    Our firm has access to simulators for the implementation of “real scenarios” of the business idea while collaborating with university centers and institutes. The Business Suite has a cooperation protocol with the University of Neapolis Paphos for the practical placement of the students of the School of Economics & Management in the design and implementation field.

    At Andreas N. Masouras Lawyers we combine comprehensive accounting services -with the reliability of a specialized financial advisor- with the provision and support of the legal framework and background that governs each case.

    Having strategic planning, extensive experience in financial, banking and tax systems of other countries, excellent organization of systems and procedures and, additionally, quick reflexes, we are able to keep you informed about everything that concerns you, such as time limits, to tax changes, laws and provisions while offering you thorough financial analysis that leads to the right business decisions.


    The purpose of the Forensic Laboratory of our firm is the promotion of the study of the criminal phenomenon in connection with the conduct of applied research and with the collaboration of top criminologists, coroners, Penologists and various research centers.

    Through the conduct of conferences, meetings and seminars we encourage, in an interdisciplinary environment, the exchange of views and knowledge between those engaged in theory, research, teaching and practice in order to promote forensic knowledge within the legal environment.

    You can be informed about the program of the relevant events Through our website and our social networks. The participation of the public is always free.