Meet our team

The Team Andreas N. Masouras Lawyers consists of experienced Lawyers who are members of the Cyprus Bar Association. Graduates of reputable universities as well as with areas of specialization in various types of law and fields. Many members of our Team belong to international scientific and professional legal networks, such as the World Association for Medical Law, criminal law laboratories, forensic laboratories and other.

The element that differentiates Andreas N. Masouras’s team of lawyers is the knowledge, in combination with the experience, of the laws of other countries, e.g. Russian law, for which we have a separate section with experienced lawyers and legal advisers. Furthermore, our daily cooperation with law firms in Greece makes us a key pillar in the region.

Our network of partnerships in various countries significantly strengthens the business of our customers. For example, our recent cooperation with Plus One Consultancy, a leading business company in Bahrain, enables our clients and partners to create a reliable network.

The Memoranda of Cooperation with organizations such as universities further strengthen our team as continuous training is a key component of our philosophy.

So, welcome to the most dynamic and modern team of lawyers.

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