Andreas N. Masouras Lawyers is a modern and dynamic team of specialized lawyers and legal advisors who are framed by qualified, in multiple fields, specialists such as criminologists, forensic scientists, medical experts, insurance consultants, economists, experts in cyber and financial crime, and other specialties. Each case will be reinforced with additional specialties, where it is judged that these experts will contribute positively to its outcome.

In cases brought before the Court, we follow – if needed – the following template to prepare our client for the trial:

The lawyer of the case is the one who has its whole handling. The appointment of the right lawyer of our team is judged on the basis of his academic and empirical object to manage the case. Where necessary, the lawyer is accompanied by a team of experts. The client is then properly prepared for the trial. After all, let us not forget that for many people is their first appearance in the courtroom. The defence is properly prepared while the process is being pre-checked at each stage by exchanging opinions and suggestions with other team members.

Our team is not a bit of everything

This means that every lawyer (Member of the Cyprus Bar Association) is specialized in a specific field of Law. It is precisely for this reason that each case is carefully and thoroughly examined, analyzed to the party concerned and constantly monitored by specialized lawyers throughout the process and procedure.

Our lawyers always focus on the individual needs and the particularities of our clients in order to provide immediate, effective and practical solutions, either judicial or extrajudicial through mediation.

At Andreas N. Masouras Lawyers, we seek to develop long-term relationships of cooperation and trust with our clients, ensuring their preventive legal protection by the elimination of legal risks.

Andreas N. Masouras Lawyers is not a local law office but a rapidly growing Law Firm with cooperating offices worldwide as well as a cooperative headquarters in Moscow. The office of Cyprus has an experienced Russian lawyer, thus creating an internationalized network of legal services simply, quickly, with accessibility and confidentiality. Law privacy is one of our basic commitments. Compliance with the Code of Ethics is our guiding principle.

Furthermore, the cooperation of our office with accounting – auditing offices and financial services companies integrates us at the core of entrepreneurial thinking and acting in a rapidly changing economic and technological environment. Besides, digital entrepreneurship is a key component of our philosophy and culture. This is exactly the reason why we have established the business technological applications laboratory (The Business Suite), either for issues related to digital entrepreneurship or cybercrime issues such as fraud, money laundering and child pornography.

The team was created by the lawyer – academic Dr. Andreas Masouras, while it is continuously expanding with new prominent collaborators, active lawyers specialized in various fields of Law, University Professors and other specialists.

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